Manwolfs created by Corey Adams & Alex Craig

Angelo Tirotto: Writer, Lettering, Design
Dean Beattie: Artist
Unpublished (But there’s still a chance)

If you don’t already know, the MANWOLFS are a motley crew of bohemian, beer drinking, skateboarding, anti-corporate, fun loving extroverts. Lead by their enigmatic, and somewhat unbalanced, leader, conveniently named, The Leader, the Manwolfs are never far away from trouble, mainly because they are usually causing it.

In their never-ending quest to Stay Sensitive, the Manwolfs have spent hours (literally) honing and training their bodies to better prepare for the adventures and mayhem that inevitably follows them around.

Fuelled by beer, the finest takeout food and armed with a ‘Kick To Kill’ mentality, the Manwolfs are ready to tear down the walls of consumerism and injustice wherever they find them. Failing that, a nice cup of tea and newspaper will do.

But, don’t take our word for it, check out these Manwolfs videos for yourself. Seriously, do it, or they might just pay you a visit… with dynamite! (They even star in a movie, if you hunt around for it, you might find it.)

Manwolf Back Patch

(What was going to be) Inside the Graphic Novel

Comics! Lots of beautiful comic book pages documenting your favourite masters of mayhem and much, much more! A huge, mega, Manwolfs story illustrated by the amazing Dean Beattie and, if you read the Manwolfs Submissions page, maybe a story by you, yeah, you!

The story of the Manwolfs is ancient and guarded. Lost to time, shrouded in mystery and the blood of their enemies. Only the most wise and gifted men know of their true origins or have even seen one of these near-mythical beings in the flesh. These magnificent amalgamations of man and beast have roamed the Earth since time began and only now, after spending over four years deep within their natural habitat, embedding ourselves in their teachings and culture, have I finally earned their trust and customs have we been able discover the truth behind the myth, the men beneath the cloth.

So, It is with great personal risk and danger of falling foul of the Manwolfs code, we can finally share the legends and cautionary tales of these sensitive beings in the Manwolfs Graphic Novel. But, take heed, you can not un-read what you read or un-see what lies within it’s pages and I advise only those of a strong constitution and mental fortitude to even consider delving into the pages between it’s beautiful illustrated covers. Only those of a truly sensitive nature, the chosen few prepared to Kick to Kill, should, with extreme caution, proceed. You have been warned!

What? You’re still reading? You must have incredibly large testicles, I salute and welcome you to the glory of the Manwolfs. I bet you have a lot of questions, us too, like, why is water wet?, what was the best thing before sliced bread?, why do two wrongs makes a right? and why do bears shit in the woods? In all honesty, we cant answer any of those questions, but we can tell you about a few of the many stories you’ll find in the Manwolfs graphic novel such as; The Super Secret, Completely True, Not Made Up, Origin of the Manwolfs, Duran Duran Stole My Motorcycle, A Canadian Manwolf in London, Manwolfs in Space, Do Manwolfs Dream of Electric Skateboards and many others…

OK, maybe we made some of those titles up, but trust us, it’ll be worth it! Only the Everlasting Fire knows where this is going but it’s packed with a whole host of adventures leading to the ultimate, even bigger than ultimate, probably anti-climactic, tale of… The Golden Hand.

But, hold on, that’s not all, you’ll find more than beautiful artistic renderings of some of the Manwolfs most historic moments in the book. Yes, thats right, we are stuffing the book with extras! Just like a DVD or BluRay but on paper instead and in beautiful 4K(olor). Just don’t try putting the book into your DVD player, we did, it didn’t work out too well, but thats another story for another day.

But that’s still not all… Theres a rare interview with The Leader, editorial and glorious photos of the many Manwolfs art and jacket exhibitions over the years plus a whole boat load of other goodies. Let us just say, it’ll be worth it! More news on the extras as we get closer to launch day!

So, join us on a once in a lifetime event you would probably enjoy more in the cinema, watching the movie version of your favourite book, and prepare your sweaty paws for the one, the only, hopefully not the last, Manwolfs graphic novel!

Demo Page 1
Demo Page 2

Dean Beattie

Oh, and did we mention the Art? Dean Beattie nails it! We’re going to give you regular sneak peeks at the art but for now here’s a few demo pages we sent to our Canadian Manwolfs HQ to whet your appetite and give you an idea of whats to come!

You can see more of Dean’s mouth watering art at