Image Comics’ hit modern day horror series based on L. Frank Baum’s world of Oz

Image Comics
19th March 2013
146 Pages. Full Color
Collects issues #1 to 5
Creative Team
Angelo Tirotto — Writer, Letters, Logo, Design
Richard Jordan — Artist, Covers
Paul Little — Colors
Ian Churchill — Editor, Variant Cover

One Night in Kansas…

In Home Again, the first arc of an ongoing series, Dee, a twenty something Kansas girl living in Los Angeles, is called home to bury her parents who recently died in a freak tornado.

It’s been five years since she left and things are mostly the same; her best friend Lizzie still drives a run down pick up truck and the diner serves the same old bad coffee, in fact, nothing happens in Emeraldsville… until now.

Soon after the funeral, the horrific murders of the old townsfolk begin. Dee, with her life turned upside down and a killer closing in, discovers the truth of one night in 1959 as a doorway to a new world opens, a world paved with yellow bricks…

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No Place Like Home is also available from comic book stores and online retailers.

To put it in the simplest way possible:
No Place Like Home is basically The Wizard of Oz if told by Stephen King.

This book was just screaming for me to read it and it didn’t disappoint. It’s got mystery, gore, punk rock girls and an actual story.

For readers looking for something fresh and fun, yet deadly and mysterious, look no further than No Place Like Home. Angelo Tirotto’s take on The Wizard of Oz is unlike any adaptation seen before.

This one is a true comic thriller, but with horror/super-natural elements. Tirotto and Jordan, despite the fact they’re both British, are in the beginnings of producing a classic American Gothic tale.